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ViBE CP9000

Contribution encoders

The ViBE CP9000 contribution encoder from Harmonic addresses the call for preserving video quality at the front of the broadcast chain with the ability to process uncompressed UHD signals at eight times the bitrate of current HD sources, up to 160 Mbps. The platform encodes content in a single slice in real time via HEVC & AVC (H.264), today’s most advanced compression standard. Up to two UHD or eight HD video channels, and 16 audio channels, can be encoded on the 1-RU chassis.

The compact and rugged ViBE CP9000 encoder is a perfect fit for DSNG vehicles, teleports and flyaway packages. An ultra-low latency encoding mode, less than 100 ms, offers broadcasters the chance to get a true jump on the competition, and also enables home/remote production application.

ViBE CP9000 features include:

Comprehensive UHD Workflow

The ViBE CP9000 encoder is part of a comprehensive Harmonic UHD workflow that includes all phases of the broadcast chain, including contribution, file ingest, collaborative post production, encoding, high-speed transcoding and delivery. This end-to-end approach makes it possible to quickly and cost-effectively deploy a live UHD channel over existing DTT, DTH, cable, telco and OTT networks.

Flexible Deployment

Simple and cost-effective to deploy, the ViBE CP9000 encoder is interoperable with most professional decoders, including the Harmonic ProView™ 7100 IRD. It integrates seamlessly with the Harmonic Amethyst™ III smart redundancy switch as well, enabling a compact 1+1 UHD redundant solution in just 3 RU. DVB/SMPTE standards are supported.

HDR Support

Compatible with the Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) and SMPTE ST 2084 (PQ) HDR formats, the ViBE CP9000 encoder is ready for the next phases of UHD content delivery. As a result, image detail, sharpness and color gradients are preserved throughout the distribution process — right up to the consumer’s UHD display.

Pay-As-You-Grow Scalability

License-based pricing assures that customers pay only for the features they need. Video and audio codecs and formats are easily added to the ViBE CP9000 encoder via firmware upgrade, enabling a scalable migration path that provides operational flexibility and business continuity, and extends the system’s value.

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