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Technology Consulting

Consulting services

We work closely with our clients to provide expert media technology consulting to areas such as platform architecture, linear and on-demand media processing workflows, quality of service and product development.

Our heritage is unrivalled, and over the last 15 years, our staff have served time on both sides of the fence – as engineers and evangelists developing products and solutions, and as architects in broadcasters and media organisations integrating and innovating to provide robust and reliable platforms direct to consumers.

We know that no one country or territory adopts the same approach – and operating with this knowledge has helped us grow and understand how to solve problems in many ways.

Over the years we’ve helped worldwide brands build class-leading video aggregation, transformation and delivery ecosystems, and developed optimal media delivery strategies designed to reduce the amount of transformation, encapsulation and encryption to best service a vast number of consumer endpoints securely and with the very best video quality.

We live and breath this world, and we’d love to help you work through your technology challenges through our relaxed and friendly approach to technology consulting.

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