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Edge, is available as a lightweight functional block on a VM, container in-line with other software or on bare metal which is specified according to the required throughput.

It can either be used standalone through a web interface or in most cases connects over websockets to our control and monitoring platform called CORE (deployed on prem or in the cloud).

Typical use-cases are secure and reliable Internet transit, a monitoring probe, 2022-7 protection, Input protection and (De)Scrambling.


Functions that set itself apart from a native SRT implementation are:

•    SMPTE 2022-7 seamless input with per path statistics

•    SRT RTP header passthrough allowing 1+1 paths followed by downstream 2022-7 seamless protection

•    BISS-2 scrambling and descrambling with seamless odd/even key transition

•    Thumbnailing (based on ffmpeg library)

•    ETR290 Priority 1, Priority 2 & Priority 3 (fully written in house)

•    UDP and RTP output with packet pacing and launch delay offset

•    Threshold based input redundancy with support passive or active backup sources

•    CORE (CORE is the name of our control platform) - Centralised control and monitoring capable of controlling and monitoring through firewalls and presenting a northbound REST control and monitoring API

•    CORE - High availability horizontally scalable cluster based control and monitoring capable of managing tens of thousands of EDGEs.

•    CORE has a REST API with existing integrations with ATOS BNCS and Skyline Dataminer.

•    CORE supports local, LDAP, SAML and Azure AD authentication.

•    CORE - Grafana native driver for correlated monitoring of all software components

•    Floating centralised license model with both OPEX and CAPEX options

•    EDGE Debugging tools - top talkers & PCAP

•    HLS input and output