Vsnbroadrec - IABM Single BaM Product

Vsnbroadrec - IABM Single BaM Product




VSNBroadrec is a highly reliable multichannel ingest server system that allows continuous, autonomous and uncut recording of video and audio sources with total security. All recorded contents can be used for broadcasting, VoD platforms, web publishing, internal use or media recording for legal compliance purposes.

Main features:

Continuous recording: The system records continuously in the specified storage without interruptions, 24/7 and autonomously, allowing to setup dedicated parameters to store the recording of the broadcast for the time specified by each user.

Clip extraction and content creation: Create segments, unify them, add blurring effects, logos and automatically publish to different locations, storages or social networks, encoding the media according to the required codec.

Broadcast monitoring: The system allows monitoring multiple radio signals, cable operators and TV channels in all market formats, displaying them both in video and streaming format, and simultaneously playing more than 32 signals on the same screen.

Automated archive: Automatic management of LTO or ODA robotic libraries. The system manages content (storage, archiving, clipping, etc.) through multiple hard disks.

Adaptive signal reception and distribution: The system is able to support various kinds of signals (Radio, TV, MPEG Transport Stream, YouTube Live, Instagram and Facebook Live) and redistribute them, adapting in each case to the available bandwidth to guarantee optimum quality in every stance.

Automatic transcription and segment detection: VSNBroadrec can transcribe the audio signal to text and automatically detect certain types of segments, such as news or ads.

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