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zXORA™ Player

The zXORA Player is a full featured, fully secure, completely modifiable cloud-oriented content delivery platform for Android, iOS, and Roku based media. It is designed to provide a user friendly and brilliant streaming experience to the discerning user who expects a consistent intuitive interface. This player features built in Ad Insertion features and includes an easy to use real time EPG (Electronic Program Guide).

Video Players are the Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) to your content and present navigation choices to your customer. DVEO created its own from the ground up, so it is not licensing and “re- skinning” any of the half dozen players out there. This means we can customize it to your exact specifications and preference. In fact our business model is centered around branding our player with your logo.

Video players are also known as “middleware” by the industry since they reside on a divide and end up managing resources.

Suitable for free or subscription based viewing, the zXORA Player features client-side ad insertion using VAST, and server-side ad insertion with VAST compliance. It features targeted ad insertion plus ad analytics and other user statistics.

The zXORA Player plays VOD video, and also provides DVB/PVR (Digital/Personal Video Recording). Closed captions and multi language support are included

The zXORA Player supports geo-fencing — limiting ads or programming to a geographic area. It also supports Widevine® DRM.

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