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EUROPA+ Case Study – the best and latest European TV shows, series documentaries and concerts direct to your devices

Journal Article from JUMP

Wed 07, 04 2021

Europa+ offers a unique alternative to the existing SVOD and traditional television services throughout Latin America and the Caribbean — more than 1,500 hours of the latest and most popular European TV series and specials presented ad-free are easily found by genre, language, and sub-title options.

Customer goals:

  • Understand their whole business in a single platform, predict their subscribers’ behavior and boost acquisition.
  • Get advanced insights and answer the most critical questions about their streaming service.
  • Understand their subscriber’s behavior relationships to answer critical questions and target different subscriber groups
  • Increase retention by understanding why your users leave, before they leave

Our Solution:

Europa+ is taking advantage of JUMP for Video Streaming to manage and understand their subscriber base, identify subscriber clusters, reduce churn, increase retention and engagement, increase marketing effectiveness and track campaign performance.

By using JUMP Insights the customer receives daily advanced insights about its Pay TV business performance. It can then identify immediate actions to optimize their key business areas.

“Bringing premium European content to the Latin America and Caribbean region, many of these titles for the first time, necessitates that we consistently monitor and adjust our offering based on what customers actually engage with. JUMP offers us the ability to get a comprehensive view of activity on the platform to enable these decisions.” – Rubén Mendiola, COO & Managing Director of Europa+

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