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Envoy Pro EX with Thunderbolt 3

Envoy Pro EX SSD with Thunderbolt 3 is tuned for demanding 4K/8K video production, VFX & AR/VR works

HDR-1 Standalone H.264 USB Recorder / Player

Compact, portable USB recorder that saves files optimized for the web.

HDR-60 HD/SD Digital Video Recorder-Desktop

Hard drive based portable video recorder with multiple input and output configurations.

HDR-70 HD/SD Digital Video Recorder-1U Rackmountable

Hard drive based rackmount video recorder with multiple input and output configurations.

HRS-30 Fieldside Hand Carry Recorder

Hard drive based video recorder with 10.1″ monitor, make your recorder completely portable.

HS-1300 6-Channel HD Mobile Cast Streaming Studio

The HS-1300 is a cost effective, all in one 6 channel hand-carry mobile cast .


Multichannel Audio over IP Codec

Limelight Edge Compute for Media and Entertainment

Limelight’s suite of edge compute offerings, are integrated with one of the CDNs in the world.

Limelight Origin Storage Services

Automated regional replication places and retrieves content closest to your audience.

Maxiva™ UAXT Ultra-Compact / VAXT Ultra-Compact

Low Power UHF/VHF Transmitter / Transposer / Gap Filler for TV & DAB/DAB+/DMB Applications

Media Cloud Infrastructure Services

Manage, monetize and move content on a media-centric cloud by Tata Communications

Mercury Elite Pro Dock

Dual drive RAID Thunderbolt 3 docking station with 7 connectivity ports including SD 4.0 card reader