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Hive Web Content Management

Media asset management (MAM)

 Browser-based tool to make user access to preview contents anywhere and anytime
 Manage all materials in Hive
 Metadata modification
 Basic operation on material(s), e.g. Cut, Copy, Paste and Delete
 Upload local files to Hive
 Powerful searching / querying function
 Boolean search
 Condition search
 Support customized metadata for different types of materials
 Clip preview and simple editing by Clip Trimmer
 Preview clips
 Trim clips
 Create and modify markers
 Easy to distribute clips to multiple platforms
 To broadcast rundown
 To 3rd party archive system
 To hot folder for sharing with 3rd party system
 To social media (Facebook, Twitter and Youtube)
 Flexible Content Access rights management
 Friendly user experience

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