Internet distribution platforms (incl. social media)

Third-party internet distribution platforms such as social media providers.

Live Video Cloud

Built for acquiring, routing, and distributing high-value live streams

Wildmoka Saas platform

Wildmoka is a cloud-based Video production & distribution platform for Sports & News

Hive Social Media Networks Publishing

Reach your audience anywhere, any screen

Online Broadcasting

Send your content to the internet – from anywhere

Global Intelligent Accelerator (GIA)

GIA instantly accelerates user access to applications, websites, and/or online platforms

IP Transit (IPT)

IP Transit allows you to create a global network

OpenTV Video Platform

OpenTV Video Platform – Pay-TV Convergence – The route to your next gen video platform

nanoStream Webcaster

nanoStream Cloud 2022 Webcaster for effortless integration


Switch between UDP, RIST, SRT, RTMP and HLS, scaled to unlimited outputs in a dockerised application

Eluvio Content Fabric

Neither cloud nor CDN, it allows content publishers to distribute premium video globally.

Signal Transport

Nextologies specializes in high-quality broadcast-grade video connectivity.

Advanced Replay

Live production, streaming, clipping and multiplatform publishing SaaS solution.