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BT Media Stream | BT Media & Broadcast

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Use Media Stream to complement your programming on TV. Or reach people who can’t receive terrestrial television. We’re certified for streaming copyrighted footage live on YouTube, Facebook Live and Twitter. And we work with all other major broadcast platforms on the internet – including Brightcove, Ooyala, Ustream, Livestream and Akamai.


What could Media Stream do for you?

Reaching a global audience can add value to your brand. With the right event, you can earn revenue from sponsors, paywalls and video on demand. Make the most of your content and take viewers behind-the-scenes.


Or you could use Media Stream to broadcast to your own people. Senior leaders can announce changes to the whole company at the same time.


We host the service from the BT Tower, using:

  • vision mix facilities

  • multi-platform, multi-channel live encoding hardware

  • switch connectivity

  • satellite, Live U and IP stream receivers.