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Network 1

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Network 1 is a reliable and cost-effective internet-based platform, for the primary distribution of linear content. It offers content owners 24/7/365, point to multi-point channel distribution to global audiences. Network 1 empowers customers to focus on the content, not the distribution.

From public service broadcasters, to global media giants, the UK's oldest commercial network and premier league football teams, Network 1 customers are increasingly utilising global connectivity to transport linear video content.

Network 1 offers significantly quicker implementation than traditional fibre and satellite distribution methods, with set-up normally measured in hours rather than months. Network 1 is multi-cloud compatible, protocol agnostic and delivers over managed or unmanaged networks. Infinite scalability ensures on-boarding new channels is easy and if no hardware is required, customers can deliver to new affiliates or broadcast platform operators straight away.

Network 1 is a fully managed service, with network management and monitoring capabilities, offering complete reliability.