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Network 1

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Cerberus Tech's flagship product, Network 1, is changing the way that content stakeholders, from broadcasters to studio executives, share and move their content.  Internet based, it's a more flexible alternative to fibre and satellite to deliver content to the same destinations.

From public service broadcasters, to global media giants, the UK's oldest commercial network and premier league football teams, Network 1 customers are increasingly utilising global connectivity to transport linear video content.

We make content distribution and delivery simple. We help customers deliver to new audiences and new markets by simplifying your global channel delivery, adding flexibility where it once was not. Network 1 managed services take care of every supplier, manager, partner and affiliate to ease the complexity.

Our global network is enabled by Zixi, a technology which makes Network 1 the most flexible and managed media network in the market. Content can be delivered point-to-point, and point-to-multipoint, regardless of the source location or destination. Backed by a strong Service Level Agreement, Network1 is a high reliability service built for both contribution and distribution.