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Eluvio Content Fabric

Content delivery networks (CDNs)

Neither cloud nor CDN, the Eluvio Content Fabric allows content publishers to distribute premium video globally including live, video on demand, and linear channels, direct to consumers and to business partners without CDNs, cloud stacks, transcoding services or databases.

The Content Fabric is a single backend source for master asset servicing including media, metadata and code, with inherent linking of components, re-use, rights, and versioning.  Streaming and file based video presentation are delivered just in time, globally, from the source objects to consumer with ultra-low latency. There are no file copies and the content security does not trust the infrastructure (trust less).

An embedded blockchain ledger, contract-backed content, and dynamic composition enable personalization, rights control, monetization, and re-use of media and metadata across properties.

Tier 1 Hollywood Studios, Broadcasters and new mobile streaming platforms use the Fabric for radically simple, fast, and inexpensive supply chains.

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