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Livelink from Cerberus Tech is an on-demand, secure, and scalable encoding and IP distribution platform for linear video delivery. It enables you to deliver content to any global destination, including the cloud, direct to your affiliates, social media channels, and monitoring sites, whilst retaining complete control.

The Livelink cloud-based platform reaches the same worldwide delivery destinations as satellite and fibre but is a faster, more cost-effective and flexible alternative.

Livelink customers experience an immediate return since it starts to automate the process while building in AI capabilities to what has traditionally been a hands-on, engineered process.

Cerberus was recently awarded Innovate UK funding which is being used to develop Livelink further. Livelink 2.0, available later in 2020, will give content owners and affiliates UX-driven choice and control when it comes to video delivery and ingress and egress formats, as well as enabling seamless scaling capabilities. Livelink 2.0 will also facilitate cloud-based video edit and manipulation, so that customers can edit content on-the-fly to increase personalisation and monetisation of their content based on widespread, local or even niche consumer demands.