Adn Play Advance - IABM Single BaM Product

Adn Play Advance - IABM Single BaM Product




ADN PLAY ADVANCE offers you a turnkey solution to view all of your videos with precision, listen Dolby E and edit subtitles.

Frame accurate

It has been studied to offer the highest fluidity possible, while keeping frame accuracy.

To navigate, you can use both the native timecode information from the video or set a CTL (frame counter).

Variable speed playback (from -16 to 16 times real-time speed), including several slow-motion speeds and direct access to any frame of the video file lets you view efficiently large quantities of programs in record time.

AES stereo and Dolby E compliant

with a single click, you may select the audio channel (up to 8 channels) to listen to stereo or Dolby E channel.

Option:  ADN DASHBOARD solution let you create or modify audio versions (Dolby E from AES Stereo, AES Stereo from Dolby E, audio mapping…).


With the HD SDI interface, you can view your media on an external broadcast monitor. You thus benefit from optimal HD/SD rendering and may then insert the signal in any existing technical infrastructure.

Selection and export

ClipList module allows you to mark the relevant segments with a few clicks as well as identify them.

Project module extends this function to let you create a full post-production project, entering its key features (title, author, comment). You can then manage rushes from separate videos within this project.


With the Subtitling module, ADN PLAY Advance becomes a multi-format subtitles editor. ADN PLAY Advance will display subtitles synchronized with video, whether these come from an MXF file with embedded subtitles in OP47 format or from external subtitle files in STL/PAC format.

Each of the existing subtitles can be edited. You can easily amend content and correct any defects found within your subtitle (synchronization with video, content and color of text, vertical position, text size and alignment, adding or removing items).

Once all corrections have been made, a new STL file can be produced by the application.

When handling OP47 subtitles, an STL file can be extracted or conversely sent to the ADN ENGINE platform to produce a new MXF OP1a file.

This module also works in HD SDI mode.

 In résumé… ADN PLAY ADVANCE is a unique NLE solution to:

  • –        view content (DNX HD, ProRes, XDCAM HD, IMX50, H264…)

  • –        listen DOLBY E,

  • –        select and export segment,

  • –        manage and edit subtitling.

  • –        Fully integrated to your workflow,

  • –        JSON, XML, webservice, deeplink compliant


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