Adn Play - IABM Single BaM Product

Adn Play - IABM Single BaM Product




NLE for remote production

ADN PLAY relies on DASH to offer a full remote experience. Access to your content from local or public network: video bandwidth adapts itself in accordance with the available network bandwidth.

Easy to use

For an efficient experience, ADN Play combines linear and non-linear navigation with its online storyboard.  Audio waveforms make segment selection easy.

Frame Accurate

ADN PLAY offers a frame accurate solution: timecode used in adaptative formats is the same as HR original timecode. That allows ADN Play to export frame accurate EDL to post-production environment when consolidated work is necessary.

Integrated solution

ADN PLAY is fully integrated to its environment and allows to send segments, or a list of segments, to any post-production platform available on the market.

Operative solution

In production since 2019

Awarded by French broadcast community in 2019 (Trophées du Satis)

Additional information

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