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Etere Airsales

Project, resource and facilities management software

Etere Airsales is the most powerful software solution to manage your complete advertising lifecycle.

Etere Airsales is an integrated solution for traffic, accounting and all sales management-related operations. It is completely scalable to your size and needs, from the smallest single-station setup to the largest corporation. Etere Airsales is THE powerful solution for your sales workflow. It is able to give you total visibility and inventory control to optimise advertising revenue and profitability. The integrated characteristics of Etere Airsales ensures information is always visible in real-time, thus allowing enhanced inventory management and optimal decision-making. Etere Airsales manages the full spectrum of advertising sales activities including pre- and post-sales activities, sales campaigns, customer relationship proposals, commercial planning, invoicing, salesmen and agencies commissions.

Key Features ■ Multi-day inventory view for managing inventory across multiple days

■ Maximized returns on investment and reduced operating costs

■ Fast contract entry for unlimited spots

■ Centralized campaign planning and placement

■ Sales force and account management

■ Post transmission analysis, real-time reporting and statistics

■ Seamless integration with automation systems

■ Available web management of orders and pre-orders

■ Ability to import data from traffic systems

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