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Etere DiskLibrary

Project, resource and facilities management software

Etere DiskLibrary is a next-generation software solution that manages archive based on sleeping disks. It is a cost-efficient alternative to LTO and ODA libraries. It allows to mix any archive enclosure as well as different disk technologies.

Etere DiskLibrary is a disk-based archive solution that bridges the gap between performance and cost-efficiency. It is a cost-efficient alternative to Linear Tape-Open (LTO) tapes and ODA. It features greater flexibility and interoperability as it allows the user to use any archive enclosure instead of a dedicated type. For long-term benefits, Etere DiskLibrary provides easy maintenance and upgrades. The ultra fast retrieval time of Etere DiskLibrary fits better in Newsroom application and MAM, where data needs to be retrieved as fast as it is possible. The easily expandable and small footprint fits in every system.

Ultra-dense Storage with Greater Flexibility

Etere DiskLibrary uses sleeping disks which enable significant power savings when not in use. The average life span of the disks is also enhanced. With current technology, it costs lesser than LTO for capacity up to 1 PB. Recognizing that data retention and long-term archive are important elements of a broadcasting lifecycle, Etere DiskLibrary is designed to offer greater flexibility and security at a lower cost. Etere DiskLibrary allows unlimited I/O while LTO access is limited by the number of files and linear access. Etere DiskLibrary is also easier to maintain and upgrade.

■Very low setup costs

■Very low maintenance costs

■Smaller footprint compared to LTO and ODA

■Low power consumption compared to LTO and ODA

■Extreme density of up to 1.3 PB hard drives using just 10U of rack space

■Price advantage against LTO with capacity up to 1 PB

■Unlimited bandwidth

■Easy to upgrade, mix of different generations and hardware in the same system

■JBODS and MAID integrated

■JBODS and MAID enclosures are inexpensive and interchangeable

■Disk backup provides greater reliability, faster data retrieval and faster write speed

■Archive based on sleeping disks, this extends Hard Drive lifespan to more than 5 years

■Centralized database of archival records

■FAST !! Less than 2 secs to access any data and access multiple data at any point of time

Hybrid Disk and Tape for Long-term Storage Solution

Etere DiskLibrary is a versatile solution that works well on its own or as part of a hybrid disk and tape solution, thus empowering organisations with the flexibility to adapt the most suitable solution based on the functional requirements of the data to be archived. Picking an archive solution that meets the functional requirements of the archived data will not only ensure regulatory compliance, lower costs, and mitigate risks but will also meet operational goals and achieve long-term viability.

Key Features ■All-in-one software-based solution that works with a simple PC setup

■Users are able to use any archive enclosure and mix disks of any size

■Users are able to mix hardware from different vendors

■Fast and powerful performance with Windows SQL database integration

■Can be configured with JBODS and MAID for high performance, fast restores and large capacity for a smaller energy consumption and footprint

■Fast data recovery and restoration when compared to tapes

■Easy upgrades with very low maintenance costs

■Able to cluster multiple disk archives to create a geographically distributed archive

■Off-premise deployments, configurations and upgrades at distributed locations

■Provides both logical and physical redundancies that protects your data

■Archive based on sleeping disks with low energy consumption and longer disk life

■Customisable settings for user rights

■Faster replication, migration and integration

■Distributed architecture ensures a fault-resilient and fault-tolerant performance

■Highly scaleable solution that can be upgraded easily and quickly

■Supports partial restore, manage restorations according to specific requirements

■Able to handle large data capacity with no limitations, suitable for media enterprises

■SMPTE 2034 data format

■Reads any disk from any computer, standard NTFS file system

■Disk encryption to avoid unauthorized access

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