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Dalet Flex

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The demand for first-to-market video content, at the highest quality and lowest cost, are exploding. Are you prepared to keep up? Dalet Flex is here to help. It will unlock your content supply chain and revolutionize the way your content is produced, distributed and monetized throughout its lifespan.

The task of producing top quality content has never been more pressurized. Schedules are tighter, teams are scattered, and delivery to an astonishing variety of platforms around the globe is expected.

Dalet Flex can orchestrate and optimize the entire process. It will break down silos in your business and remove the manual tasks that cause errors and delays. Companies that have deployed Dalet Flex to their Content Production processes have seen an average of 70% in time reduction in producing content, and up to triple their previous output.

The core of the platform handles the metadata, orchestrates workflows, and collects analytic data. This enables the aggregating of metadata from all parts of your business to create the single source of truth. Using the metadata to create powerful workflows that orchestrate the applications and processes that drive your business. Being able to analyze the performance of your processes is a vital element in the long-term success of your business.

Beyond these core functions, Dalet Flex is enhanced with native applications and our open APIs integrations to key best-of-breed partners.

Ooyala applications cover key areas like acquisition with FlexMOVE, asset management with FlexMAM, and approval workflows with FlexREVIEW. Further to this, key partners like Avid, Adobe, Aspera, AWS Elemental and Microsoft are integrated letting you leverage your existing investments. The flexible open APIs also allow you to develop your own integrations or work with Dalet's Professional Services team to build them.

The result: powerful workflows, driven by metadata and easy to create and maintain using the visual Workflow designer. Your content moves seamlessly through your business, with timely reviews and progress clear at all times.


Unify metadata from across your business, delivering a single source of truth for use everywhere.

Protect your existing investments in best-of-breed solutions by integrating them through a single platform.

Create your own metadata models to fit your needs and use them to drive workflows.

Orchestrate key processes and create efficient custom workflows using the visual Workflow Designer tool.

Find the assets you need with powerful metadata-driven search tools.

Optimize your processes and attack bottlenecks with content production analytics.

Easily add new solutions and technologies with the plug-in framework ― or create your own integrations using simple scripting tools.

Can be hosted on-premise, in the cloud or as a hybrid

Dalet Flex helps you meet the goals of modern production: to create and deliver more quality content faster without spending more resources. Automated workflows reduce bottlenecks and speed up your content creation pipeline, multiplying your production output and increasing your revenue.