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NEP’s GrandCentral: An Intuitive System Monitoring

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Rapid technological innovation in the industry has helped simplify our work and push the boundaries of our creativity. But with the increased reliance on IT technology and infrastructure, the occasional failure is virtually unavoidable. So, how can you predict these failures to ensure rapid response and minimize risk? Meet GrandCentral, our intuitive monitoring system.

GrandCentral actively monitors the entire technical infrastructure online: from power supply, cooling, possible water and smoke damage to servers (Windows or Linux), processes, APIs and workflows. The custom production dashboard provides an overview of the state of the entire technological environment at a glance on your smartphone, tablet and flat screen. Plus, the dark cockpit ensures that critical information gets to the service desk and technical staff immediately and securely. It displays the very first signs of problem escalation, allowing employees to take proactive and targeted action.