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Remote Ethernet control of 12 separate outputs via secure web browser
Sequential, immediate or user configured delayed output start-up
6 × opto-isolated GPI alarm inputs for power shedding
Ethernet SNMP alarms and E-mail alerts for all 6 × GPIs and 12 × fuses
Remotely monitor multiple environmental sensors for temperature and humidity with SNMP alarm. Combine multiple sensors for readings across a whole bay
Unit configuration via secure web browser interface
Continuous real-time reporting of all ports for accurate system updates
240V AC 16A Max. load
Rounded heavy duty Tie Bar
Supplied with 20A Powercon Input connector
Integration with IPE’s own IDS product range
Supplied with 6a output fuses
16A Input Fuse
Ability to daisy chain up to 16 units from one Ethernet connection to give 192 outputs attached to one Ethernet port