The Peter Wayne Golden BaM award was inaugurated by the IABM in 1990 in memory of a former Deputy Chairman of the Association, Peter Wayne. All the 20 winners of the IABM’s NAB Show and IBC BaM Awards® are automatically shortlisted for the year’s top broadcast and media technology prize – the Peter Wayne Golden BaM Award® for Design and Innovation. 


2019 Shortlist


EVS - Overcam

"A very innovative and much needed solution. EVS have created a product sorely needed by the production industry. Lower cost sports production allowing sports which normally don't receive coverage to get broadcast. Combines emerging technologies like AI to create better content more efficiently. With the explosion of live sports coverage and the need to reduce costs with remote production techniques, Overcam is a very promising solution for  budget concious live sports producers."

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Teradek - Bolt 4K

“Unlocking a 4K HDR camera from a cable while still being able to reliably watch full quality output in real-time opens up enormous creative possibilities – and new levels of creative freedom. A real game-changer for 4K HDR production.”


Dolby Laboratories - Vision Content Creation Tools 4.0

"Managing an efficient HDR production pipeline is now top priority for producers and post-production houses. Dolby Vision Content Creation Tools addresses that challenge and makes it simpler and easier to deliver more hours of high-quality HDR content.

Adobe – Content aware fill for video

"This product is an industry-first, innovative game-changer in the post-production industry. It can save editors and visual effects artists many hours of tedious manual work. It uses intelligent algorithms to automatically remove unwanted objects like boom mics or distracting signs from video. It aims to make it easier for video professionals, regardless of budget, to save time on tedious manual work.”

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WIREWAX - Media Services

"WIREWAX Media Services is a suite of AI-powered tools  applied to the Media and Entertainment market to help solve some of the industry's biggest problems. Unwieldy, poorly labelled and not understood media asset libraries can be cleaned and analysed in a few hours and antiquated and manual repackaging processes can be reduced from months to minutes."

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GB Labs - Mosaic Automatic Asset Organiser

"A combination of AI and intelligent storage – an automatic media asset organiser saving time and money. An industry-first combination of AI and intelligent storage. Presenting assets in a way that the user decides is important.”

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Rohde & Schwarz - R&S BSCC 5G Broadcast service and control center

"With this future-looking solution, Rohde & Schwarz is signalling the future of the over-the-air TV business. It's now very easy to see a future where 5G broadcast co-exists with OTT to deliver a seamless blend of live and on-demand content direct to consumers. An Innovative end to end solution for 5G content delivery, the development of which is ahead of its competitors."

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Telestream logo

Telestream - OptiQ

“Great product that enables much more dynamic and easy to create opportunistic OTT channels based on events or late breaking news. Good approach to innovating more and more of the broadcast supply chain into the virtual world!”

Arvato Systems - BMS AdStore

"It's vital for linear channel programmers to have data available to make informed scheduling decisions. Arvato is bringing new AI-technology to solve a real-world problem. An innovative product using Artificial Intelligece and Machine Learning,  providing predictive information essential for broadcasters ratings."

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Qligent - Vision-Analytics

“Vision-Analytics is a powerful, cloud-based analytics solution that is uniquely designed to gather valuable data across three key domains—Creation, Delivery, and Consumption—and analyze these massive datasets in near real-time. Other solutions typically only take one or two of these domains into consideration.”


DELTACAST - ST2110 Software Stack Virtual Card

"This product is extremely interesting broadcasters consider the transition to an all IP 2110 infrastructure. This product is a step towards software defined infrastructure that utilizes commodity type hardware. Nice to see functionality moving into the software defined world - the level of flexibility this allows is excellent, and the approach will allow broadcasters greater flexibility to cope with rapid change."

Embrionix – emVIRTU All-IP Core Infrastructure and Processing Platform

“This product lets broadcasters produce high-resolution UHD content efficiently and without constraints. It provides IP media processing power for mission-critical and All-IP UHD production environments. The flexible hi density platform allows a mix of processors to help deal with the complexity of converting multiple UHD signals in various formats. Flexibility at work. It will be very helpful in migrating a facility to an all IP infrastructure.”


Cloudian - HyperStore® Xtreme Powered by Seagate

"A great product addressing the ever increasing need for storage. A robust indusry solution offering an extremely compact footprint and integration with leading media workflow systems."

OWC - ThunderBlade™

“A product offering very high speed data transfers which is already proven in use. A valuable tool for creatives to capture large files efficiently.”


Vocas Sales & Services - Tracis Lens Scanner

"Great to see a simple, but innovative solution addressing a real-world problem. The Tracis Lens Scanner performs a fully automatic optical scan of the lens and shows issues like scratches and dust. A niche market, but very cool technology."    

Skyline Communications - DataMiner Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Management and ST2110 Media Flow Tracking

“Secures the vital PTP aspects of IP infrastructures. With the integration of PTP and flow management in the DataMiner off-the-shelf platform, media operators have the right solution to successfully make the transition to all-IP and are able to adopt to future workflows that are still unknown.”

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Consume - Interactive Digital Overlays

"It's great to see a solution enabling content creators, live streamers and influencers to deliver professional results. This takes on-air branding graphics to the next level by making them completely virtualised and cloud-based - and most importantly, accessible to the smallest content operations."

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Broadpeak - nanoCDN™ with ultra low latency and device synchronization

“Broadpeak’s nanoCDN solution improves live streaming experiences thanks to decreasing the latency. Latency measured in a perfect condition network of a lab, will be the same as a real-life system. It won’t depend on the network condition at a given time. IPTV moving to a full ABR system is a true breakthrough for operators.”

Project, collaboration or event


Dejero/Musion 3D/Vodafone Romania - Live broadcast & production of the world’s first interactive rock concert using holographic human transmission over 5G
"Great and cool deployment utilizing 5G to provide a high-quality experience for an event.  A good example of what can be achieved with a low latency system. Very practical solution which will open up a large number of future applications. Cool application of cutting-edge technology."

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MediaKind, Deutsche Telekom (DT), Tiledmedia and Magnum Film - Enabling a world-first: 6K tiled 360-degree live sports streaming success

"This unique collaboration to deliver a live sports event in a 6K tiled 360° video format to real-world consumers has proven that by working as a team, many different providers can overcome the obstacles of complex VR production and deliver a higher resolution VR which is one of the issues that has held back the immersive experience previously.”

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2018 Winner – Microsoft – Video Indexer

Video Indexer (VI) is an artificial intelligence service that provides an orchestration of multiple and customizable machine learning models based on multiple channels (voice, vocals, visual), to extract deep insights with no need for data analysis or coding skills. VI enables deep search, reduces operational costs, new monetization opportunities, new user experiences and more; on large archives of videos with low entry barriers. It also enables easy integration with a customers’ existing infrastructure via a REST API and ready-made embeddable widgets.

The judges said, “A great product making powerful machine learning modules available to the masses with multiple use cases to drive operational efficiency and revenue. It enables media organizations to make sense of their content in a period in which this is exploding.”


2017 Winner

EVS – X.ONE Single operator live multicam production

2017 Highly Commended

  • NeuLion – Virtual Announcer
  • Vizrt – Viz Story – Video & audio tools add graphics & publish video stories to social media in minutes

2016 Winner

Sony Professional – Sony Media Backbone Hive

2016 Highly Commended

  • Cedar Audio – DNS 2 Dialogue noise suppressor
  • Harmonic – VOS 360 professional cloud media processing service

2015 Winner

intoPIX – TICO lightweight compression IPs & SDKs