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Intertrust ExpressPlay XCA

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  • A major shift is underway as users increasingly bypass traditional broadcast television (over-the-air or OTA) for over-the-top (OTT) streaming services. Today’s viewers want to enjoy premium content anywhere and anytime, on any device without issues or difficulties.

  • Intertrust prepares operators for the future with a DRM-based protection solution that spans both broadcast and streaming services. ExpressPlay XCA is a card-less and cloud-based service that uses the open-standard Marlin DRM to enable broadcasters and pay-TV operators to deliver content securely to smart TVs with embedded XCA security, including UHD services.

  • ExpressPlay XCA bridges the worlds of CAS and DRM by implementing a converged client security stack supporting both broadcast and streaming services. This reduces integration efforts and improves overall security by not having to manage two different security clients.

  • Moreover, contrary to the legacy CAS approaches, there is no requirement for dedicated and costly security hardware module to be integrated in the device

  • ExpressPlay XCA enables further cost reduction through a self-certification program for device makers, which also accelerates time-to-market.

  • A converged client security stack for broadcast and streaming services significantly eases the transition from CAS to DRM, providing operators a future-proof path. The converged DVB-OTT client with TEE support means that separate CAS and DRM clients are no longer required in hybrid DVB-IP devices.

  • ExpressPlay XCA is pre-integrated into a variety of chipsets and smart TV manufacturer products, speeding time-to-market and lowering risk and cost.