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Intertrust Kiora

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  • Kiora is a secure platform that enables video service providers to publish and stream protected content via local Wi-Fi hotspots. This patented platform provides complete end-to-end content delivery and streaming that is suitable wherever Internet bandwidth is limited or unavailable.

  • Kiora is easy to deploy and meets customer requirements, either for localized low-cost hardware or through a virtualized deployment for transportation and hospitality entertainment applications.

  • Kiora provides a cloud management platform to remotely manage and distribute content to users without the need for upstream bandwidth connectivity. It uses the industry standard and studio-approved Marlin DRM along with Google Widevine Modular and Apple FairPlay Streaming to stream content securely to offline environments.

  • Transportation: Kiora provides secure streaming and offline playback to mobile devices and is well suited for in-vehicle entertainment such as buses, planes, and trains where internet bandwidth is often limited.

  • Hospitality: Kiora is a lower-cost alternative to expensive broadband infrastructure and is ideal for hospitality environments. It creates content hotspots or Wi-Fi zones for hotels, hospitals, army bases, oil platforms, and more.

  • Premium content is provided by Filmbankmedia.