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CAS Solution

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CryptoGuard’s CAS is one of the most flexible and secure Pay-TV content protection solutions in the market today offering low entry cost and an attractive pay-as-you-grow business model. The system is ideal for securing any size of network and can scale from few hundreds to millions of subscribers. CryptoGuard CAS has been audited by Farncombe (Cartesian) and utilizes advanced security for both Card-less and Card-based solutions to avoid device cloning, control word sharing or any other piracy threats. CryptoGuard always uses state-of-the-art EAL5+ certified smartcard chips. CryptoGuard CAS is feature-rich with open architecture and APIs for integration with third party systems, such as business applications, billing, CRM, EPG, data-mining etc. The future-oriented CAS supports any business model, includes SMS and can be extended with DRM and OTT for anywhere, any screen viewing experience.