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CAS, encryption, DRM

NAGRA Multi-DRM is built on NAGRA Security Services Platform which is an advanced, flexible and modular security platform enabling security for all two -way use cases such as hybrid Cable/IP, IPTV and OTT. NAGRA Multi-DRM supports besides NAGRA’s proprietary DRM (NAGRA PRM) all the main industry device and browser platform DRMs such as Playready, Widevine, and FairPlay. As a cloud-based solution, NAGRA Multi-DRM is extremely flexible and scalable, fast to deploy and easy to manage. It gives Pay-TV operators the convenience of managing a set of unified usage rights accross a wide variety of connected devices while providing the highest level of security.  Having NAGRA SSP as a foundation, enables managing services beyond multi-DRM, such as home domains, concurrent sessions, device authentication, and forensic watermarking.

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