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Camball Lite remote controlled PTZ camera

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The CamBall has become a standard in the television and entertainment industries. Consistently outperforming competitors and this unit will do the same with its feature-filled performance, move smoothness and CCU controllability.

The Camball Lite has many of the previous add-ons included in the standard model including  WDR, Genlock, 1080p and Metadata.  Our ‘future-proof’ design ethos has enabled these upgrades to be added to previous models.  This ethos continues today and is central to our future developments. 

The Camball Lite still responds in exactly the same way to joystick control.  Pan & Tilt speeds are now proportional to zoom angle on speeds 1-3 We have only added functionality, not removed any.

With ever increasing moves towards automation, motion control, virtual reality and augmented reality, the Camball Lite has it all. Using the industry-standard ‘Free-D’ protocol for both Metadata and as a control protocol it enables full Motion Control.  The CamBall4 VR has 16bit absolute encoders are fitted directly onto the pan & tilt output shafts.  This ensures zero mechanical linkage error (backlash) and also absolute positioning without the need for a home position.  The Camball Lite also responds to ‘Mstar protocols’ which adds the ability to simultaneously control the camera CCU functions without interrupting the motion control.