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CB180 Camera

Specialist, POV, PTZ, action Cameras

The CB180 is a multi-function outdoor remote controlled camera. It has been designed to capture live pictures in extremely demanding situations out of doors, including from moving platforms. It can be used on a boat or telescopic pole, while the cameraman can operate the camera from a remote studio or edit suite.

This camera is rated to both IP66 and IP67, which means that it resists water from high pressure jets AND withstands full immersion in water. We have added a roll axis and stabilisation so this camera can shoot from non-stable platforms, such as the deck of a yacht, and automatically maintain a level horizon. The three axes of physical movement – pan, tilt and roll – can all have their stabilisation switched on or off, individually.

This camera offers positional metadata, smart profile moves, DMX control and advanced CCU control, so a vision engineer can adjust the camera remotely and match its pictures to AR or VR in a professional production.

We’ve also added a hidden wash and wipe feature to clean the lens, as well as stabilisation to steady the camera when it’s used in motion.


  • Waterproof and Submersible

  • 3-axis: Pan, Tilt and Roll

  • Horizon Stabilised in Pitch and Roll

  • Wash-wipe System

  • 64 Pre-programmed Moves

  • Output to 1080p

  • 12bit Digital Signal

  • Processing

  • Enhanced CCU Control

  • 30x Optical Zoom

  • Slip Rings

  • Switchable to Infra-Red

  • Sensitive

  • 5 Axes of Metadata Output

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