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DJI Mini 2 Fly more Combo

Specialist, POV, PTZ, action Cameras

DJI Mini 2 Fly more combo, the successor to Mavic Mini fly more combo, is ultralight, compact, and travel-friendly, making it perfect for beginners and anyone looking to experience a new perspective. This foldable drone features 4K/30fps footage, 10km video transmission, and impressive wind resistance, allowing you to capture stunning content with ease. Small but mighty, DJI Mini 2 is every creator’s ideal drone whether you’re flying through a breathtaking valley or capturing a family birthday party right in your backyard. You can buy Mavic mini 2 combos from UBMS. Stock is available.

  • Added Enhanced Photo.

  • Added Trimmed Download.

  • Added zoom to video mode.

  • Added ability to customize the lighting pattern for the front LED when in the default state.

  • Changed way to switch between QuickTransfer mode and flight mode to pressing and holding

  • QuickTransfer button for two seconds.

  • Optimized QuickTransfer so that a transmission rate of up to 20 MB/s can be achieved in an environment without interference.

  • Optimized exposure for panoramic photos in some scenarios.

  • Optimized logic for Return to Home (RTH). The default RTH altitude is adjusted to 100 m and the aircraft will hover in place if the horizontal distance from the Home Point is less than 20 m.

  • Optimized logic of Low Battery RTH.

  • Fixed rare issue: the gimbal vibrated while recording in Normal mode. Added support for DJI RC-N1 Remote Controller. The DJI RC-N1 Remote Controller can be used with DJI.

Buy DJI Mini 2 Fly more combo from UBMS DUBAI.

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