Salrayworks Nbot - IABM Single BaM Product

Salrayworks Nbot - IABM Single BaM Product

Salrayworks NBot

Salrayworks NBot


The NBot full NDI motorised head is the latest innovation from Korean technology specialists Salrayworks, adding to their portfolio of easy to use IP broadcast equipment and high performance video processing solutions.

For the first time, the Salrayworks NBot NDI Motorised head provides the flexibility and functionality of a PTZ camera to any compatible camera up to 3kg in weight. With power (PoE+) and NDI streaming through one ethernet cable, the NBot allows users to remotely control the camera zoom, focus and iris remotely through the LANC input whilst also using the NBot pan and tilt functions.

Whether you’re looking to extend the functionality of existing cameras or want to use specific lenses in a PTZ set up, the NBot is a game changer for remote production. Simply attach the camera to the NBot’s base plate, plug in the LANC, HDMI and ethernet cables and locate the NBot on the network. Compatible with a wide variety of NDI software and NDI controllers the NBot is easy to set up and operate. When you want to use the camera in a different setting, unplug the cables, detach the base plate and you’re ready to shoot.

For larger productions, up to 14 NBots can be controlled by one Salrayworks Sharon ProStick controller via IP. When in operation the NBot is whisper quiet and features a clear tally light so it’s perfect for working with talent in the studio. The NBot will rotate/pan up to 355 degrees, move 40 degrees down and tilt 20 degrees up, with speeds of up to 15 degrees per second.

The NBot opens up a world of possibilities, storing and recalling up to 9 positions with an accuracy of under 0.1 degrees. Using pre-set selections, in the studio or on stage, it memorises the location of the previous object with extreme accuracy and starts shooting immediately.

Contact DigiBox to arrange a demonstration and discover the power of the NBot for yourself.

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