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Caringo Swarm Server Appliances

Near-line object storage

Caringo Swarm Server Appliances contain all the hardware and software you need to keep content protected, online, searchable and web-accessible—secure within your network. Using Swarm Servers, you can speed up deployment and eliminate much of the research and decision making that is involved in building your own implementation. Swarm Servers complement your existing storage infrastructure and you can easily plug into your workflows via S3, NFS, Windows or macOS. It includes an easy-to-use UI (user interface) that uses metadata to make it simple to retrieve objects (files) as needed. It also includes Partial File Restore so you can quickly retrieve parts of files and reduce time to last byte (TTLB).

With the industry’s most flexible object storage deployment options, Swarm Appliances let you start with just one server and scale out at any time based on your business requirements. You can seamlessly move from TBs to 100s of PBs. Caringo offers Swarm Servers to provide a complete, pre-integrated and easy-to-deploy hardware and software solution that starts at 168TB raw with pay-as-you-grow economics. Models include the Single Server Appliance (SSA), m1000 management server, s3000 storage server and hd5000 high-density storage server. Below, you can see how easy it is to scale from 168TB to multi-petabytes.

  • Rapid Flexible Deployment: Swarm Servers scale from 168 TB to 100s of Petabytes. Initial deployment can take as little as 2 hours and you can expand your storage in minutes.

  • Optimize Durability or Footprint: You can mix single, standard storage and high-density appliances and select any mix of replication or erasure coding.

  • Feature Rich for End Users: Swarm has built-in content management and search and secures your content for sharing and delivery.

  • Hassle-free for Administrators: 1 sys admin can manage 50+ PB. Swarm features rapid recovery and up to 25x less downtime when compared to RAID.


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