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MediaScaleX // Storage

High-performance shared storage

MediaScaleX // Storage is a software-defined, object storage platform that unifies online, nearline and archive storage into a single, shared, scalable cluster.  It enables Media businesses to simplify and cost-reduce storage operations.

With a single UI into an exabyte-ready environment, and the ability to simultaneously store multiple pools of data in file (NFS, SMB) and object (S3, Rados, Swift) formats, MediaScaleX // Storage is one of a kind.  Critical data protection functions like erasure-coding and data scrubbing are standard features to support data integrity and long-term retention.  While in-built support for NVMe, SSD and HDD technologies enables clusters to respond to multiple performance requirements.  Using the open Ceph storage engine at its core, MediaScaleX // Storage is hardened, robust, flexible and above-all built for scale.

Launched in 2015 to address Multi Service Operators’ requirements for cloud DVR storage, MediaScaleX // Storage was designed from the ground up to combine high intensity ingest, record and playout processes with the need for deep archiving of VOD and customer-recorded content.  This same solution supports any Media business to unify islands of storage into simpler, more scalable systems.  And with high-performance integration with the MediaScaleX // Origin platform, content can be streamed on demand from any part of the storage cluster.

As Broadcasters and Post-Production operations target storage simplification, more workflow agility and cloud-compatibility, object storage is becoming more important.  MediaScaleX // Storage provides cloud capabilities in an on-premise platform to allow Media businesses to easily scale and manage storage as requirements evolve.

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