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Video Logging for Sports with AthenasOwl Smart Catalog

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The way fans wish to view and interact with sport content is changing. Explore how AI-enabled smart systems and applications can empower global sport broadcasters, clubs and leagues to improve fan engagement, reduce manually reliant time-consuming processes, and increase ROI by leveraging existing content.AthenasOwl Smart Catalog for Sports is an AI-based solution that generates rich content metadata to enable better search and retrieval within sport media archives. With media domain contextualised machine learning models, sport organizations can track and generate granular metadata such as player faces, emotions, football pitch locales, custom entities (such as yellow/red card, league trophy, etc) and more.


  • Enable quick search and discovery - Unleash the hidden values in your videos by generating time-coded granular metadata across assets, tracking player faces, emotions, age, gender, locales, camera shot-angles, and more.

  • Maximize your ROI - Drive better ROI with smarter and faster searches for repackaging existing video content.

  • Boost operational efficiency - Replace manual tagging with a self-learning model that improves over time when new entities are introduced.

  • Accelerate turnaround times - Utilize cloud infrastructure for flexible load handling that enables both horizontal and vertical scaling.