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Hypertagging for Entertainment with AthenasOwl Smart Catalog

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Enable quick search and discovery of video content. Smart Catalog helps broadcasters & media professionals automate video tagging processes, produces instantaneous content that increases ROI and unlocks new age advertising opportunities like contextual ad placement.

How Smart Catalog can Benefit media companies:

  • Enable quick search and discovery - Unleash the hidden value within your video content by generating time coded granular metadata across your assets and track faces, emotions, age, gender, locales, camera shot-angles and more.

  • Maximize your ROI - Drive better ROI for existing content with smarter and faster searches for repackaging existing video content.

  • Unlock new revenue opportunities - Tap into latent monetisation opportunities by making use of new-age use cases such as contextual ad placement.

  • Boost operational efficiency - Reduce manually-reliant tagging tasks with a self-learning model that improves over time as new entities are introduced.

  • Accelerate turnaround times - Utilize cloud infrastructure for flexible load handling that enables both horizontal and vertical scaling.

  • Achieve consistent accuracy levels - Media-specific contextualization ensures consistent, accurate, and useful outputs to solve the business needs specifically in the media domain.