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XENTAURIX Media & Broadcast Logger (XBL)

Archive and preservation management

The XENTAURIX Media & Broadcast Logger (XBL) allows TV, radio stations, IP video streams to be monitored, recorded, played back and analyzed for legal compliance, broadcast logging and social media publishing broadcast applications.

XBL is offered as a total solution either from our  Cloud service based in Europe or on-premise. XBL is powerful and easy to use with a comprehensive HTML5 interface allowing access from your network desktop.

In addition to video and multiple audio tracks, XBL extracts valuable signal metadata and stores enriched metadata including EPG, multi-lingual subtitles, speech-recognition transcriptions, AS-run logs, bookmarks or TV quotas.

The XENTAURIX Media & Broadcast Logger supports Artificial Intelligence (AI) video media analysis (including facial recognition, nudity, violence, sentiment tagging), Speech-To-Text (S2T) and Video and Audio fingerprinting to find content quickly to further enhance metadata.

With the XBL search engine, entries can be easily retrieved through key words, video images, audio tracks, the calendar, or simply fast-forward or rewind the media and then directly played back, edited, commented, and stored as enhanced metadata and media clips.

The  XBL multiscreen mode, allows a number of TV stations to be simultaneously displayed live or from the recorded archive. In combination with the TV rating audience analytic module, the system allows you to analyze the effects of advertisements and programme sequences in relation to the programme content that is displayed in parallel.

XBL supports an unlimited number of channels, with different qualities (UHD, HD, SD) allowing broadcasts to be stored for months or even years. XBL records either continuously 24/7 or via scheduled timer. Video and audio quality can be set individually – the system also masters UHD, HD and contains signal inputs such as DVB-S, DVB-C, DVB-T, ASI, analog, SDI, RGB, FM/AM and IP for recording streams (TS, HLS) and WebTV (Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, YouTube)

XBL is accessible with a comprehensive user friendly web based HTML5 interface. This modern interface enables ingenious user-friendly, interactive operation with an impressive design. It includes especially user-defined interfaces, and supports all common browsers for Windows PCs or Macs.

XBL provides a comprehensive solution for live recording and long term storage for your video and audio signals, combined with extended and enriched metadata.Whatever your requirements, The XENTAURIX Media & Broadcast Logger offers a solution for your organisation.


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