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Gravity Deep

Archive and preservation management

Gravity Deep is one of the few solutions worldwide with integration capabilities across all storage mediums without a need for any additional middleware. This robust integration helps you to get the best out of your storage with a cohesive workflow.

The solution can be virtualized or can be run on Cloud.

  • Fully web based for cross-platform access. Works on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms

  • Create complex data movement rules based on time, file types

  • The industry-leading drag-and-drop hybrid workflow creation tool

  • Supports all media files such as images, video, audio and documents

  • Intelligent caching retrieves content from the fastest storage medium

  • The inbuilt high-performance low-res engine supports all major media formats

  • User-configurable categories, tags and metadata fields

  • Interactive library view for management for LTO and ODA cartridges

  • All actions are privilege based with complete audit trail

  • Manages single drives units and multiple drive libraries

  • Native driver based integration with ALTO

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