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Integrated playout (channel-in-a-box)

ELIA Unity is our channel in a box TV playout solution base on 30 years experience on broadcast.

Conscious of the need for the broadcasters to reduce constantly the operational costs while keeping a high quality level, we show with the ELIA range of SGT Channel in a Box TV playout solutions our know-how regarding reliability and flexibility which few systems can supply and nevertheless essential for a 24/7 operation.ELIA Unity is the very latest generation of Channel in a Box, a cost effective TV playout system offering playout automation, ingest, branding and media asset management features, in an all in one robust video server.ELIA Unity includes an off the shelf video server, with RAID redundant storage and expandability capability, in a low cost IT standard environment. Combined with the power of our brand new playout automation software PLAY along with FLOW software for acquisition and the preparation of the contents, both profiting from SGT’s long expertise, it is one of the most powerful & hassle free channel in a box in the market.We have indeed integrated the very latest technologies to stick to the market trends and needs; the “Full IP”, while you can choose to keep the good old SDI connections for a smooth transition, with ELIA Unity as well as the choice of virtualisation with ELIA Air.

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