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Integrated playout (channel-in-a-box)

VSNOne TV is VSN’s integrated playout or Channel-In-A-Box solution, designed to reduce the many parts of a traditional playout system and master control (graphics, servers and switches, routing, audio, channel branding) into one single integrated software application that operates on a generic IT-based hardware. This way, VSNOne TV allows to simplify its installation and maintenance processes, while supporting real-time multi-channel ingest to a wide range of codecs and file containers.

Fully integrated VSNOne TV Servers have on-board automation control, media storage and media DB, graphics engine, file/line/VTR ingest, clip playout, Time Shift, DVB IP/ASI TS Encoding Tools, DVB Subtitling & Closed Captioning and 4k High Frame Rate on some concrete playout configurations.

Being a part of broadcasting or live-production studio, the VSNOne TV server may be used as a multifunctional graphics design & playout station, which will tie graphics into the propagating video and format multi-layered compositions consisting of captions, scrolling text, video effects, on-screen graphics, logos, animated banners, live video fragments, Chroma Key, and 2D effects.

Each output (program) channel of VSNOne TV contains up to eight simultaneously functioning virtual channels for graphics output. Each channel contains its own playlist, with playing back graphic events. Each event may contain a multi-layered combination (without limitation on the number of layers) of text/graphic events.

Dynamic compositions technology is also available on VSNOne TV for Branding, Promo, TV News, Weather Forecasts, Economic information, Music Channels, etc. Moreover, an unlimited number of logos, captions, scrolling and crawling text can be played back on dynamic backgrounds.

In regards to live broadcasting, VSNOne TV is a server with ingest & playout application with capabilities that go far beyond other available products. Onboard media preparation tools allow the operator to define and organize content while recording is still underway. And with configurable shortcut keys, live asset and metadata updates, and built-in tool for instant navigation to key points in long pieces of media, VSNOne TV allows you to get your material on-air in record time.

Each VSNOne TV server may contain up to 8 SD-HD SDI inputs, to which signals from cameras and simple sources are sent (signals may be asynchronous), letting users apply live input sources to any object and animate the result in real-time, without the use of external scaler equipment.

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