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Redwood WHITE

Integrated playout (channel-in-a-box)

Aveco’s Redwood WHITE video engine is designed for effective playout and integrated channel origination emphasizing the best price-performance ratio as well as studio and MCR-oriented graphics engines.

Providing a  platform for clip playout, multi-layer graphics insertion including DVE, and many other broadcast features. Redwood WHITE is designed for running on COTS hardware. Deliverable as Aveco turnkey or as software-only with hardware locally provided. Redwood WHITE is fully integrated with Aveco’s ASTRA automation products including ASTRA Studio, ASTRA MCR and ASTRA MAM, providing cost efficiency and a high performance solution.

By combining the value of Aveco’s robust, industry-standard automation system with the open-sourced CasparCG platform, you can take advantage of the best broadcast technologies, even with limited financial resources.

Video processing core is powered by CasparCG open-source viable platform maintained by a large community of contributors, being proven by premium broadcasters since 2006 in 24/7 operations.

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