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Hawk Matrix

Satellite connectivity

Extended L-band (500-2450MHz) Hawk Matrix is ideally suited for RF signal routing at LEO and MEO gateways, as well as small HTS ground stations and deployable VSAT terminals. The 1U Hawk Matrix has capacity for two 8x8 matrix cards – which can be combining (fan-in) or distributive (fan-out) – for uplink and downlink applications.  It can be fitted with any combination of cards depending on application, but is ideally suited for smaller gateways with multiple modems and one or two antennas. Single 8x16 & 16x8 configurations are also available.

The Hawk Matrix delivers flexible module configurations - providing routing solutions with dual 8x8 distribution modules, dual 8x8 combining modules or a combination of distributive and combining modules. It provides reliability in service with dual redundant hot-swap power supplies and CPU, and field serviceable and replaceable matrix modules. The Hawk Matrix is touchscreen with remote connection via RJ45 Ethernet ports. A Web Browser interface is provided as standard with the Hawk L-band Switch Matrix. Its extended bandwidth is suitable for HTS applications.

Typical Applications:

• Small Ka/HTS gateaway terminals

• LEO/MEO gateways

• Oil & Gas

• Deployable VSAT terminals

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