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Satellite connectivity

Universal and highly scalable

Hosting up-to 4 satellite networks in a single rack, the Newtec HUB6504 is the solution for satellite service providers. It enables any network configuration, from a single to multiple service areas, one or more satellites, different frequency bands, multiple transponders and High Throughput Satellites.

The modularity gives service providers agility to respond to their customer and market needs in a fast and cost effective way. Additional satellite networks can be added easily and rapidly. It only requires adding additional modulators, multicarrier demodulators and server blades into the preconfigured rack slots and activation in the Newtec Dialog Network Management System. High capacity multicarrier demodulator units can be added in function of the required capacity for SCPC, MF-TDMA and Newtec’s patented Mx-DMA return link technology.

Key features

Up to 4 satellite networks

Up to 60.000 terminals

Up to 800Mbps of satellite capacity, including all traffic processing

Support for SCPC, MF-TDMA and Mx-DMA® return links

Carrier grade reliability with built-in redundancy

Low initial cost, pay as you grow

60.000 terminals, 800Mbps satellite traffic, Carrier grade

The Hub Module can process up-to 60.000 terminals and 800 Mbps of satellite capacity. It includes all traffic processing, like Quality of Service and congestion management, acceleration, compression and encryption. The Hub Module easily integrates with the ‘IP backbone’ router and the RF gateway up/downlink. Built-in redundancy provides better than 99.99% platform availability.

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