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MatrixStore Hybrid

Near-line object storage

MatrixStore Hybrid enables organisations to choose the most efficient mix of MatrixStore On-Prem, MatrixStore Cloud or public cloud storage platforms to create a unified storage platform for the business. This allows content to move between on-prem, private and public clouds, giving organisations greater flexibility, more content protection (Disaster Recovery) and wider sharing options.

The hybrid solution provides the benefits of high speed on prem workflows coupled with seamless synchronisation of content and metadata with cloud storage platforms. Tight media workflow integrations and automated workflows ensure such organisations benefit from operational efficiencies and elastic scale of hybrid environments.

Benefits of MatrixStore Hybrid:

  •  Remote working and self-serve access to archived content

  •  Global and remote collaboration through intuitive interfaces

  •  Future proof, Instant, secure and audited access to ALL your digital content (on or off premises)

  • Consolidation of storage and workflows

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