Vmeters - IABM Single BaM Product

Vmeters - IABM Single BaM Product




VMeters is level meter software with a difference. It can show the audio level for many audio channels, in Mono or Stereo, in either vertical or horizontal bars (PPM meters to follow soon). The difference is that it can also connect to another VMeter instance across a LAN or WAN and mirror the level information on remote machines.

The data passed between instances is very small, meaning no large bandwidth requirements and no streaming delays – you see the level information “live”. Useful for transmitter monitoring for example, when you can’t hear all of your transmitters from your location.

Vmeters can read audio levels from an audio card/driver, but also natively from Axia XNodes/Studio Engines, ProntoNet codecs and Tieline Codecs, saving on wiring and costly extra audio cards / XNode outputs to feed them.


You can configure how many meters to show, the layout, the design, whether it displays channel names, the responsiveness of the meters and so on. It was originally designed to display nicely on top of its sister product VClock, but equally can be used standalone.

Vmeters can alert you to silence by email or http post, which can light lamps on VClock in the studio for example.

VMeters is available as a free download to trial. It is fully functional for 15 minutes, after which any server meters will stop reading audio levels. The app will need to be restarted for it to start working again.

Licenses are only required for the “master” meters (reading from an audio card, XNode etc).  The “slave” meters (repeating a “master”) are free.

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