Client Device Monitoring (CDM)

Client Device Monitoring (CDM)

Client Device Monitoring (CDM)

Client Device Monitoring (CDM)


Agama’s Client Device Monitoring solution provides detailed high-resolution real-time information on technical service quality, viewer behavior, and device health. Data is automatically collected from the viewers STB, other customer-premises equipment and/or player apps.


A key component of our solution is a lightweight software client integrated in the device or player software. The client sends compact, binary data about events and

continuously monitored metrics to the solutions central ingest infrastructure at frequent, configurable intervals. The information includes quality-related events such as packet loss and unavailability. State reporting makes it possible to see if the viewer has been watching multicast services or playing adaptive bitrate on-demand content, for example. Detected events are mapped to the relevant channel/asset and service type.


The client also supports reporting of device parameters such as CPU, memory and hard disk usage.

The integration (or adaptation of existing integration) of the client is performed by the STB or player application vendor with support and Quality Assurance performed by Agama to verify the integration. The client is deployed remotely via standard software update mechanisms.


The solution provides information on precisely the services that each viewer has watched. Opt-out settings and support for anonymization enable compliance with privacy legislation including GDPR.

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