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Pipe Bridge

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Benchmark’s PIPE|Bridge is an interface system, which receives financial data from agencies like Bloomberg/Reuters in realtime and pushes to broadcast graphics engines. The data will be stored in local database for while dumping to PIPE|Bridge database for processing.  The product has different modules as explain below:

Pipe Failiover: Enables redundancy for Reuters / B-PIPE©data. It monitors the data feed and in case of Main feed failure, it switches to backup feed.

 Pipe Feed Handler:  The Feed Handler application is used to define and manage the securities (stock code), for which the realtime data is need . The Feed Handler service will pull the data from the data provider, and dump it to the database. The system enables smooth real-time data stream between the data provider and the database

 Pipe History Archive: The history archive enables users to extract massive historical data of subscribed securities for processing and display them as graphs/Charts

 Pipe History Scheduler: History scheduler ensures daily market data of each security Is captured on the database

 Pipe Viz Updater: Viz updater, pushes security values to graphics & ticker engines on request by the systems.

 Pipe RSS Feed :   RSS module listens and process the RSS feeds and enable them to be displayed in the graphics engines