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Agama Enterprise

(Meta)data aggregation and management

The core of the Agama solution is the central Enterprise Platform. The Enterprise Platform provides real-time aggregation, alarming, and storage of data retrieved through an ingest layer. The ingest layer can handle data reported by our Analyzers products in the head-end and network, by our clients in STBs and OTT players, and from adaptation interfaces for ingesting data from third-party sources. The Enterprise Platform also features an application platform, which provides core applications with interfaces for system management, technical operations, and reporting. The application platform is modular and can be extended with additional applications.

For high capacity exporting and reporting as well as other data mining use cases, the Enterprise Platform’s real-time core can be complemented by an architecturally isolated data platform, thus separating time-critical operations from data mining use cases.

For integrations with northbound NMS solutions, inventory systems and data warehouse applications, the Enterprise Platform provides an integration framework with SNMP alarms, provisioning APIs, and optional high-capacity file export.

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