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Artificial Intelligence Tools

(Meta)data aggregation and management

The VSNExplorer platform integrates via API with top Artificial Intelligence engines from companies like IBM Watson, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure or AWS for automatic metadata detection and cataloguing. This way, media management becomes much more efficient, accurate and easy to control and monitor.

Main features:

Wide range of information: From the moment that a media file is ingested, users can automatically extract a great amount of data and information from the advanced image processing features (facial recognition, objects, places, organizations and logos), audio layers analysis (music, voice, speakers and audio effects), speech-to-text and automatic translation, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) or sentiment analysis or emotions’ detection, among many others.

Automatic content cataloguing: Users can focus on content creation and news production, leaving the immediate cataloging of media to the its AI tools. They would only need to perform a quick control and validation of the metadata obtained, saving time and resources that can be reallocated. In addition, with AI they can obtain a higher volume of information, which is also more accurate and leads to a more precise and exhaustive categorization of content.

Advanced search functionalities: The volume of data generated from each media asset allows users to perform more accurate searches thanks to the big amount of options and parameters available. This way it is easier for users to adapt the search of content to their specific needs, reducing the number of results delivered by the system, which will only focus on those truly relevant to the user according to the keywords provided.

Quicker content creation: Thanks to the integration of Artificial Intelligence engines within VSNExplorer, it is now possible to automatically detect and retrieve specific video segments that comply with a set of given parameters and metadata, drag and drop these segments directly over VSNExplorer’s web video editor, Wedit, and consolidate a final and already edited piece ready for broadcast, all without changing between windows.

Translation, captioning & subtitling: Subtitling process can now be automated thanks to language analysis, speech-to-text and automatic translation functionalities of AI-tools. These capabilities allow for the automatic translation and generation of captions in several languages of audio texts, delivering the corresponding text distributed by segment with mark-in and mark-out time codes.

Content moderation capabilities: Content moderation is sometimes mandatory depending on the legislation applied in the region where some specific content is being broadcasted. Sentiment recognition systems, image and objects analysis, and natural language analysis enable the automatic detection of sensitive or adult content, both within image and audio layers, so that they may be adapted or eliminated directly using a video editor like VSNExplorer’s Wedit.


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