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AIR Series

Content/data acquisition from public sources

AVIWEST revolutionizes live video remote production with the AIR Series mobile video uplink system. It transforms the way journalists conduct live interviews. How? By enabling flawless encoding and delivering exceptional video quality. The AIR Series large panel of interfaces and functionality make it the perfect tool for on-the-go video professionals who need lightweight, portable, and versatile video solutions.

The AIR Series is perfect for a wide range of use cases from broadcast to video streaming, e-learning and education. Whether broadcasting over satellite links or publishing a Facebook Live video, TV channels can cover live news and events faster and more efficiently thanks to the compact, lightweight, and portable design of the AIR Series.

With the AIR3 range (AIR300/AIR320), AVIWEST has integrated best-in-class H.265/HEVC hardware encoders into a highly portable bonded cellular transmitter — a first for the industry. The second range, the AIR2 Series (AIR200/AIR220) only supports H.264 encoding and features comparable size and functions. That innovation enables broadcasters and video producers to seamlessly stream live interviews and events, and store and forward recorded content from anywhere even in unpredictable or unmanaged network conditions.

The AIR Series features up to four cellular connections, including 3G/4G internal modems with high-efficiency custom antenna arrays and two USB 3.0 ports, plus a built-in Wi-Fi modem. Thanks to the system’s internal battery, video professionals can use the system for up to three hours, allowing them to stay ahead of the competition by getting superior quality live videos and recordings on the air quicker than ever.

By detecting and bonding together multiple IP network interfaces, the AIR Series enables users to take advantage of every IP network in their immediate area as networks become available. AVIWEST SafeStreams® technology — an intelligent IP bonding stack and set of powerful contribution network protocols — assures live transmissions can be delivered over unmanaged networks with minimum delay, allowing mobile journalists to broadcast high-quality video from anywhere in the world.

Fully integrated with AVIWEST’s Manager system and StreamHub transceivers, the AIR Series is one of the latest addition to the AVIWEST DMNG ecosystem designed to simplify the capture and broadcast of live HD and SD video over multiple unmanaged IP networks, including bonded 4G/3G cellular, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and satellite links.

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