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Imagine a world in which misinformation and fake news dominate the headlines. Frightening, isn’t it?

This is why developed conceptr™, a cutting-edge research tool, which simply and efficiently assists in the selection and verification of incoming news feeds.

conceptr™ enables you to:

  • Select and verify incoming news feeds to avoid irrelevant and fake news sources

  • Simultaneously research an abundance of sources (social media, agencies, publishers, internal archives, emails, web etc.) in real-time

  • View results, share findings with other users and collaborate on creating and publishing content all within one dashboard

  • Find information before competitors do to develop a competitive advantage

  • Save time, money and resources while staying up to date with the latest trends/events

conceptr™ utilises artificial intelligence to understand users and their search intents and presents relevant results in a clear and simple format. It helps users to manage the overwhelming number of sources and the speed at which news are published today.