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PRO3 Series

Content/data acquisition from public sources

When conducting live interviews, today’s journalists have to deliver amazing video quality. Yet, given the unpredictability of video delivery over unmanaged networks, this can be a challenge. In many cases, live reporting is done outside the studio. When on the go, journalists need video delivery solutions that are compact and portable, ensuring they can quickly get to where they need to be and broadcast live instantly.

The PRO3 Series is the fourth generation of the AVIWEST’s portable video uplink system. By integrating a best-in-class H.265/HEVC hardware encoder into a compact design, it revolutionizes live video remote production. PRO380 enables broadcasters and video producers to seamlessly stream live interviews and events, and store and forward recorded content even in the midst of unpredictable and unmanaged network conditions.

Part of what differentiates the PRO3 Series from other video uplink systems is its compact and robust design, and its unique specifications. Featuring a large panel of interfaces and functionalities (SDI in and out, HDMI in and out, analog audio in), the PRO3 Series is the perfect tool for on-the-go video professionals that need versatile and portable video solutions.

With up to 12 network connections including eight 3G/4G internal modems with patented high-efficiency custom antenna arrays plus a USB 3.0 port and built-in Wi-Fi modem, the high-end PRO3 transmitter makes it easy for journalists to conduct live interviews and events, with flawless HEVC encoding, enabling significant cost reduction on cellular data consumption without compromising on the video quality. Using the PRO3, broadcasters even have the option to record a premium quality video file and forward it progressively to the remote receiver while recording, saving a significant amount of time in the field.

By detecting and bonding together multiple IP network interfaces, the PRO380 enables users to take advantage of every IP network in their immediate area as they become available. AVIWEST SafeStreams® technology, an intelligent IP bonding stack and powerful contribution network protocols, assures the delivery of live transmissions over unmanaged networks with minimum delay (as low as 500 ms), allowing mobile journalists to stream high-quality video from any location around the world. Additionally, the PRO3 bonded cellular Series features a SIP-based intercom to simplify communications between the master control room in broadcaster premises and remote transmitter operators in the field. Video professionals can also connect any of their mobile devices through to the PRO3 bonding connectivity leveraging multiple IP networks. It enables them to benefit from high-speed mobile connectivity in any location.

Unique features and benefits:

  • Simplicity: The PRO3 Series has been designed with ease-of-use in mind. Featuring a user-friendly intuitive interface, it allows broadcasting live videos in two touch-screen taps.

  • Versatility: Used as on-camera or in a backpack, the PRO3 Series is lightweight, flexible, and agile, allowing broadcasters to quickly cover breaking news, conduct interviews, and efficiently produce professional live videos.

  • High performance: By implementing the best state-of-the art H.265/HEVC encoder in a compact design enclosure, the PRO3 Series enables video professionals to provide seamless high-quality news and event coverage at low bitrates and low latency.

  • Multi-network distribution: Leveraging AVIWEST’s SafeStreams® technology, an intelligent IP bonding stack, and powerful contribution network protocols, the PRO3 Series ensures the delivery of live video even in the midst of unpredictable and unmanaged network conditions.

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