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Content/data acquisition from public sources

Today’s broadcasters need to be able to go where the action is, to cover breaking news, conduct live interviews, and efficiently produce live videos. Using AVIWEST’s MOJOPRO, the most advanced iOS and macOS mobile video encoding and live streaming application on the market, broadcasters and other video professionals can flawlessly stream live videos, edit files, and forward recorded content from any location over bonded 3G/4G and Wi-Fi connections in just seconds.

Designed to run on iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro, MOJOPRO Series gives mobile journalists and video professionals a competitive edge by enabling them to instantly stream broadcast events, news and interviews from anywhere in the field.

With optimized interface, advanced camera settings (e.g., focus, exposure, white balance, etc.), dynamic resolution, and easy-to-use video and audio editing features, MOJOPRO iOS allows remote journalists and video professionals to create video stories rapidly and directly stream it to any CDN, video streaming service platforms or social networks (Facebook Live, YouTube and others).

 Advanced features on the MOJOPRO iOS app include live streaming, video recording, clip edition and content forwarding thanks to the aggregation of 3G/4G-LTE cellular connection and Wi-Fi when available. Leveraging AVIWEST SafeStreams® technology, the MOJOPRO Series detects and bonds together multiple IP network interfaces. Moreover, the MOJOPRO application dynamically adapts the video encoding bitrate according to the real-time network conditions in order to cope with the unpredictable performance of IP networks and to guarantee the transmission reliability.

By integrating the best-in-class video encoding technologies, it also enables to stream high quality videos even at low bitrate. The MOJOPRO iOS app deserves to win this award for its simplicity, versatility, and ability to dynamically adapt to the network bandwidth and guarantee the delivery of premium quality video comparable to broadcast grade equipment.

MOJOPRO is so simple that broadcasters can stream live videos in only two screen taps, ensuring that they are always “news-ready” and giving them an advantage over other broadcasters that use traditional broadcast equipment. Since the MOJOPRO also integrates the best-in-class video encoding technology, broadcasters’ journalists can stream high-quality videos even at low bitrates. Live or file-based production from anywhere in the world is now possible without the need to deploy bulky tools or buy new cameras.

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